School Management Software


School Management Software

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Core Features:

Admin Panel

  • Managing User accounts (teacher, student, parent)
  • Managing classes, subjects
  • Managing class routine
  • Managing exam, grades
  • Managing exam marks
  • Sending exam marks via sms
  • Managing students attendance
  • Managing accounting, income & expenses
  • Managing school events
  • Managing library, dormitory, transport
  • Messaging between other users
  • Managing system settings (general, sms, language)

Teacher Panel

  • Managing students
  • Managing exam marks
  • Provide study materials/files to students
  • Managing attendance

Student Panel

  • Get class routine
  • Get exam marks
  • Get attendance status
  • Get study materials / files from teacher
  • Get payment invoices, pay online
  • Communicate with teacher

Parent Panel

  • Get children marks
  • Get children payment invoices
  • Get children class routine
  • Messaging with teachers


  • Apache server for running php (Bitnami Wamp or Cpanel)
  • PHP version 7 or higher
  • Mysql database access (phpmyadmin)
  • Php curl should be enabled


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