About Us

our vision

Our Vision

To rank among the best ICT companies in Nigeria & globally.

Our Mission

To continue to deliver professional ICT solutions without compromise

core value

Our Core Value

Transparency, Integrity, Simplicity, Loyalty, That is what TISL stands for.

Welcome to Trendconnect Integrated Service Ltd?


Trendconnect Integrated Services Ltd (TISL) is a private limited liability company officially incorporated in December, 2010 with RC No. 925780 certified by Corporate Affairs Commission to operate diversified information communication technology engineering and business, Consultancy and general contracts.

The company does not only practise ICT, we are also incorporated to render automobile services, transportation services, GSM systems and telephony, Petroleum Business, General Sales and services, Training institute and corporate educational system.

We have secured increased number of clients base across Nigeria and outside Nigeria in the last 14 years of committed and dedicated services.

When people ask us what we do, we tell them that we committed  to making people’s business stronger, better and progressive and if you give us your defined problem, we can solve it using our ICT skills, innovation and creativity.

With more than 14 years of experience in information management technology, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t work.

Every system we create is completely unique to the needs of any organization, meaning you get the flexibility you desire while enforcing the standard you need in your ICT infrastructure need with streamlined processes.

We have been providing consultancy and technical support services in various ICT projects to private & non private companies and institutions e.g. schools, hotels, hospitals, retail stores, pharmacy, construction firm, NGO’s and Government industries.

When it comes to quality of service, then consider choosing Trendconnect Integrated service Ltd.

When it comes to durable ICT equipments and solutions, Trendconnect integrated service Ltd partners with the right manufacturers and producers that offers good warranty and support for all their products.

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