Server Deployment & Administration

As your business grows and the number of employees and system task increases, using desktop systems to run heavy applications have to be discontinued and the need to upgrade to a server system will be highly essentials. The capacity, strength, durability server systems offers cannot be compared with ordinary desktops.

With technologies, such as virtualization, you can have many server operating systems (OS) running on the same physical hardware. It may seem a daunting task, but it is relatively simple and most basic servers can be configured within an hour if you know what you are doing.

Here at Trendconnect, we have wealth of experience in handling a brand new server e.g Dell Power Edge or HP Proliant series.

We have deployed several servers in the last years for companies and Government institution in Nigeria with amazing result and good performance.

Unpacking the server from the carton, to initial setting up by configuring arrays on the harddisk to initialization of all the required components and resources to installation of the Operating systems are some of the task to be performed at the stage 1 of server setup.

Configuring roles on the server with the necessary software utilities and applications for its intended purpose are some of the task to be performed at the second stage of server setup.

Test running all functions to see if they conform to the standards are part of the final stage to full commissioning of the new server.

We @Trendconnect have the experience, capability and technical know how to be able to deliver a cutting edge solution for any companies that needs such service.

Give us a call to: 08135572333 or send us an E-mail to: and let us discuss your server requirements.