Our Business Terms

Terms & Conditions

We like to let all our client knows that we operate a legitimate ICT solutions across borders with genuine and durable products from reputable organization and manufacturer as a result whatever products and solutions we offer are backed up with manufacture warranty as the case may be.

We do not accept any payment that is less than 70% in most scenario as mobilization payment while in some cases, we may accept minimum of 50% to start deployment especially software solutions in particular.

Prices on quotation offered at any time may be subject to increase after a particular period or rendered void as the dollar and market prices fluctuates recently and this may affect any quotation that is not quickly addressed by any customer.

We offer after sales support in most deployments and services rendered at no cost to our customers but there are scenario where we may put up an amount or charges for technical support services.

We offer manufacturer warranty in most hardware solutions and if anything occurs within the warranty period then we can assume responsibility for take care of the issue or fault as the case may be.

Refund after payment is not accepted or allowed so customers are expected to makeup their mind on whatever item they are purchasing from us as the technical team is expected to perform proper testing and check on hardware products with the customers involvement before taking any item away from us.

Damages as a result of fire, excess power on hardware items while the customer is using the products does not attract manufacturer warranty anymore so customers are expected to take liability on themselves in such instances.

Damages on transit or packaging while on transit by customers does not attract any support from us due to carelessness or careless handling.

Payment by customer with transfer for any product and services to our account that results in delay by the network or bank issues resulting in non-crediting of our company account will affect the customer order from been processed and dispatched until we acknowledge payment into our account

Goods sold out in perfect condition, checked by the customer and certified okay by our team or sales staff and taking away by customers cannot be returned anymore.