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Trends4 Point of Sale is a web based point of sale system developed to be customizable for any business either wholesale or retail. It is very flexible, reliable & robust enough to be able to handle day to day business transaction from stock taking to daily sales tracking.

It can be deployed as a standalone or deployed in a multi-user environment where there are more than two computers. Every user of the system have unique authentication with login credentials to be able to operate the system.

It can also be deployed over wireless LAN environment so that with smartphones, iphone/ipad or laptops roaming around while working can be possible. It has wealth of features, a few are highlighted below.

Screenshot of the Login Page:

The main features are:

The software is written in PHP language, it uses MySQL (or MariaDB) as data storage back-end and has a simple but intuitive user interface.

The latest 3.x version is a complete overhaul of the original software. It is now based on Bootstrap 3 using Bootswatch themes, and still uses CodeIgniter 3 as framework. It also has improved functionality and security.

It can be deployed to a cloud it’s a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution.


A demo of Trends4 POS can be found here. This is a containerized install which will be reinitialized when new functionality is added to the code repository.


For a standalone Installation along with Barcode Scanner & Thermal Printer, software deployment cost is N35,000

When it is installed in a client/server environment with not less than two computers, local area network needs to be established either peer to peer or switched LAN as a result, the deployment cost in this regard will cost at the minimum. N50,000

This is still subject to factors i.e.

However, Custom quotation may be issued in this regard for such deployment.

Please for whatever requirement of choice, contact us